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service will probably be discontinued in August

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This domain will be discontinued in august due to changed requirements and missing necessity.

If required and interested, the following domains can be taken over free of charge individually or as a package:

Due to a system error during an update, the server was initially only set to maintenance mode. However, the data was restored.
Since I have been asked for some time now whether and why the domain should continue to be operated, the point has now come where I stop operating this homepage. Last but not least, because of the new Mission Day Guidelines there is no need anymore (no QR-registration necessary)…

During the more than 30 Mission Days as a participant, in the orga or just for website support, I met many nice people who helped me or allowed me to help them. Many thanks to all of them! It was a nice and also a long time. But a lot has changed in the meantime. So my environment, my time and motivation to continue to invest in this project has changed.
If there is still no need for this or the above mentioned domain, they will still be available until 15.08.2020 including server (contract period).
If at any time later data from previously hosted MDs are needed, they will still be available on request as backup.

I wish all future events good luck in planning and executing their MD(+).

Best regards
Bjoern aka TerenceKill

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