MD Erfurt: Photos

Thanks to participants and supporters who made the nice days in Erfurt possible. Here are some impressions of this first MAG Convention mission weekend.

Here you can also upload your photos from the event and make them available to everyone.

Google Photo Album

[imggallery type=”google” view=’photos’ album_id=’AM8t9yFKCCqNvx7DVcnIVUNahNl1LDuB3JCVzuOOwRP7D0BychLNqLSmK-O_hkNBzEHVf80ZAqaE’ access=’shared’ filter=’AM8t9yFKCCqNvx7DVcnIVUNahNl1LDuB3JCVzuOOwRP7D0BychLNqLSmK-O_hkNBzEHVf80ZAqaE’ filter_type=’include’ media=’photos’ count=’30’ more=’More’ layout=’random’ thumb_size=’320′ crop_thumb=’no-crop’ main_size=’1600′ fx=’fade’ controls=’show’ timeout=’5000′]