Let’s save christmas again!


The 1st of december is slowly starting across the world and, as it is tradition for this period of the year, a new edition of hackventcalendar is starting, thanks to the team at missionday.info!

🎄 Let’s save christmas again! 🎄
Many cities confirmed sightings of Anti-Claus, and some report they might have glimpsed his three camels.
We are reasonably sure he is back, and also the cause behind the rising number of lockdowns and restricted travel options – exactly like last year. So, there is only one thing to do: connect remotely and fight Anti-Claus – let’s save christmas again!
This year too, we will have a corona-compliant edition. And the hackvent team simplified the input of stats and pictures: their TG bot can optionally help you with this. All tasks will be offered in English, Spanish, German, French and Japanese!

Ingress Hackvent Calendar 2021